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Roadmap design for collaborative virtual organizations in dynamic business ecosystems
Action line: IST 2002 II.1.2: Strategic Roadmaps for applied research

Duration: 6/2002-5/2003.

Objectives of VOmap:
VOmap aims to identify and characterize the key challenges, required multi-disciplinary constituency, and an implementation plan for a comprehensive initiative to affirm the EU leadership on emerging collaborative virtual organizations (VO). VOmap focuses on the feasibility study and developing a roadmap to the necessary integrated research and technological development, with the aim to address the full innovation cycle of a sustainable new generation of businesses with the wide industrial impact. Further scientific and technical objectives include: Consolidate multi-disciplinary paradigms, Establish a clear baseline and wide consensus on concepts and terminology; Identify future scenarios, Build a vision of future VOs, Understand and characterize the VO nesting environments, Plan the necessary IT and non-IT developments based on a common reference model; Design a strategy and implementation mechanisms for a major initiative on VO.

Description of work:

The roadmap design will be carried out in close interaction between the Core Members of the consortium and the wide industrial Support Group, which is composed of both SMEs and large enterprises, sector associations, private and public organizations, and other entities with strong interest in VO development in Europe.
The work program comprises three main phases:
  • Phase 1: Elaboration of draft roadmap
    To facilitate the focused discussions with a wide Support Group from different regions, it is necessary to first prepare an initial draft document. This document will be prepared by the Core members, based on the results of the initial activities: Consolidation of baseline, Building first vision, and Gap analysis; taking into account results of direct interviews with key members of the support group; and in consultation with underlying networks (THINKcreative, VOSTER, CE-NET, COVE).
  • Phase 2: Consultation and consensus building
    During this phase the initial draft will be thoroughly discussed in several iterations and in several (distributed) regional meetings/discussion panels with members of the Support Group. A Final Roadmap will be made, and input for the 6th FP (IP proposals).
  • Phase 3: Wide dissemination and reinforcing links both inside and outside EU.
    A wider dissemination of results will take place targeting other potential interested parties outside the Support Group. Furthermore, extensive consultation with non-EU VO-related groups (Latin America, Asia, Australia, East Europe) will take place. The objective is to involve them in a EU-led long-term strategy on VO.
    In addition to the informal interactions, interviews, and questionnaires, a key mechanism for strong involvement by the industry Support Group is the organizations of 6 regional meetings / discussion panels. For each such meeting a number of relevant local actors (10 to 20) will be invited.

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    Milestones and expected results
  • Month 6: Consolidation of the baseline, characterization of a first VO vision and future scenarios, identification of the needs.
  • Month 9: Implementation models and refined VO vision for Europe.
  • Month 12: Roadmap for scientific and technological development, and strategic implantation, towards EU leadership in VO. Blue Print of an organized Program, and strategic management processes of a large R&D initiative aimed at VOs in Digital age.
  • Month 15: Wide dissemination and strengthening of links.
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