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1.10.2003 - 31.9.2006 
Portal for Projects and Communities in the Virtual Organisation Domain

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Supported by the European Commission under the FP6 priority:
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    The objective of VE-Forum is to provide an integrating portal for all researchers and professionals in the EU domain of networked businesses and governments. It shall give easy access to past and future results in the domain and support communication and collaboration as a vir-tual community. As such, VE-Forum complements NoEs, IPs, and other projects and promotes Europe's global visibility in the field.

    The portal will have three main components:

    1. Access to projects, news, events and conferences in the domain
    2. A knowledge pool with project results, a refereed journal, access to abstracts of further relevant journals, reviews and working papers, and a who is who directory
    3. Collaboration workspaces for discussion forums, special interest groups, and intra- and cross-project cooperation

    A special concern of VE-Forum is to represent and integrate the different sub-communities in the European research area and facilitate exchange and cooperation among them.

    The project is an instrument to incubate a self-sustaining community, which shall be based on the principles of voluntary professional associations and academic communities. The role of the consortium is to activate the community and facilitate self-organisation. Project-progress is therefore measured as the capability to attract members, and to marshal additional revenues and contributions to the portal already during the EU-funded period for smooth transition after pro-ject end.

    The project consortium brings together leading professional and research organisations with a track record of projects in the domain of networked organisations. It balances technical and management orientation, and all partners bring in strong experience in professional community management and facilitation. In addition, the workplan foresees to include representatives of the major projects newly selected under FP6.

    Founding partners: CeTIM, Centre for Technology and Innovation Management gGmbH de, Fraunhofer IAO de, CE Consulting it, VTT, Technical Research Centre of Finland fi, IIMC, International Information Management Corporation Limited ie, Amrein Engineering ch, Dr. Pascal Sieber & Partner AG ch, University of Maribor si, University of Salford uk, University College Dublin ie, EIIR, European Institute of Interdisciplinary Research fr