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Towards a Concurrent Engineering Environment
in Building and Engineering Structures Industry
No: 20587, 1996-99
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Introduction: The ToCEE project addressed the following key issues of distributed concurrent engineering in AEC industry:
product model & document mgt
conflict management
information logistics
version management
legal issues
monitoring and forecasting
cost control.
More information is available on the ToCEE homepage at TU Dresden.

Results are available on a CD. Interactive demonstration of migration strategies.

Role of VTT: The main contribution of VTT in ToCEE was to develop a product model browser PROMOTE for accessing STEP/IFC based product model data over the Internet. With PROMOTE the user can browse EXPRESS schemata and STEP physical files. IFC files (=STEP files complying with IFC schema) can also be viewed as 3D virtual reality models. PROMOTE is exploited in other EC projects e.g. CONCUR, PROCURE, OSMOS.

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