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European project
European Network for Product and Project Data Exchange, e-Work and e-Business in Architecture, Engineering and Construction
      prodAEC, European Network for Product and Project Data Exchange, e-Work and e-Business in Architecture, Engineering and Construction - Thematic Network under IST KA VIII.1.2, duration: 2001-2003.
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    The main objectives of the ProDAEC network are the following:

  • Active dissemination of standards for data exchange and electronic commerce in the AEC industry, and more specifically those data formats originated by ISO SC4, ESPRIT projects, IAI and other organisations.
  • Accelerate the standardisation process, and influence the technical developments in the AEC industry. Support the evolution and extension of the data models based on the industry requirements, and the validation of the work done through the definition of test cases. Contribute to standardisation initiatives at European and international level.
  • Co-ordination of all the activities within the network, in a coherent time table and intensive use of Internet e-mail in order to reduce costs at the maximum.
  • Provide a platform for the AEC developers community, to exchange ideas, technological offers and demands, and establish channels for international co-operation.
  • Collaboration with other initiatives, projects and standardisation bodies.

    In order to achieve the objectives stated above, the ProDAEC Network plans a list of activities, to be organised in the Thematic Network work plan:

  • Dissemination of standards (ISO 10303-STEP, ISO 13584-PLIB, IAI-IFC,...) and best practices. Training of software vendors and users in the standards and related technology.
  • Collect industry requirements and contribute to the standards evolution.
  • Set-up of a dictionary of terms to be exploited on Internet (the funStep prototype is proposed to be adapted).
  • Define requirements for and establish a strategy for integration and harmonisation between AEC related standards, e.g., PLib/STEP or PLib/IFC. (The typical case is the integration of catalogues of resources and schedule/planning/project management applications).
  • Propose data and message architectures for adoption of eCommerce & eWork in AEC, using standards (i.e. EDIFACT, XML-based,...).
  • Establish liaisons with existing working groups in AEC and other linked sectors (shipbuilding, furniture,...).
  • Contribute and give support to the European and international standardisation organisations (CEN, ISO).
  • Management, support and marketing of the thematic network.

    Coordinator: Manuel Martinez, AIDICO

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