E-procurement in construction Completed Related R&D
Master of Science thesis

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e-AEC - Research program at Stanford University
e-CT - Electronic Calls for Tenders (eContent)
E-NTRY - Electronic Tendering, Bidding, and Negotiation Real Time System (IST)
E.BIP - Efficient Bidding and Procurement in the Tile Industry - Practical Trading Tools and Broker Services for the Exchange of Product Characteristics (IST)
FUNDAMENTE - Help for communication on European construction sites (Leonardo da Vinci 1)
PERMIS - PrivilEge and Role Management Infrastructure Standards Validation (ISIS)
WARD-IN-HAND - Mobile Workflow support and informAtion distribution in hospitals via voice-opeRateD, wIreless-Networked HANDheld PCs. (IST)
CITE - Construction Industry Trading Electronically