Construction IT
Past projects 

On-going projects
Past projects on Computer Integrated Construction at VTT

BEC Several projects on information management in precast concrete industry

BuildNet - Information service for Finnish AEC industry including IT related links etc.

CIMSteel Computer Integrated Manufacturing of Constructional Steelwork

COCON Customer oriented construction

COIC (TEKES2) Customer Oriented Industrial Construction

FinnCORE Finnish Construction Process Reengineering

IT-STRAT Strategic Use of IT for Competitive Advantage

Nordic Virtual Building Bookstore Provides books from Nordic Building Information Centres.

MOMIS Model Oriented Management Information Systems

OOCAD Object-oriented CAD

OPTRAK Object databases in construction IT applications.

RATAS National framework program for IT in construction consistsing of independently funded R&D projects on data exchange industry standards, IT guidelines, software applications etc.

STAR Systems engineering in construction: process modelling, concurrent engineering, information technology

TYR Computer Integrated Construction

VIRAPS Virtual Appartment Selling. Collaborative project with the University of Art and Design Helsinki, supported by Tekes.

VirBuild Virtual Building Environment. Internal RTD project in VTT.

VTT Teräs Development program on steel construction in VTT.
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