European Technology
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I-SEEC, Information Services to Enable European Construction Enterprises (3/2000-4/2001).

Now available: CONNET SUOMI

Project description

The I-SEEC project will create a set of inter-linked national Internet gateways to quality information for the European construction industry. The project builds upon the CONNET initiative of DG-III ETTN (1999) to provide the construction industry with an essential source of such information, by creating a "virtual technology park", accessible to the whole industry, regardless of national boundaries.

I-SEEC enhances the CONNET system by expanding the virtual technology park for construction, by Europeanising the services that already exist, and by using a number of services which already exist (though are not electronically accessible), or which are currently being developed by organisations located in EU member states or associate states. There are three main aspects to this project:

Further Europeanisation of CONNET services:

New Internet-based information services to be launched: Infrastructure extensions:

Expected results

I-SEEC will establish national gateways for the construction industry, to access information services developed in each country, and across Europe by enabling national gateways to co-operate with each other. I-SEEC manages this by extending the results of the CONNET project which has established a European gateway (but in English) with a number of viable services in countries around Europe. The viable services of CONNET will be taken into other European countries through the partners identified and by targeting other organisations across Europe. A few new services will be developed under I-SEEC and established in the national gateways of some of the I-SEEC partners. Any existing services, or those under development, by partners or other targeted organisations will be welcomed into the CONNET network of services. I-SEEC will also further develop the basic infrastructure in CONNET to enable better interaction between national services through the provision of multi-classification and multi-language tools for national services.

I-SEEC is supported by EC DG ENTERPRISE as a Spontaneous Grant.


BRE Ltd., Co-ordinator
Building Information Institute / Rakennustieto

New partners will be approached and welcomed over the period of this project to establish national versions of the services listed above in the national gateways, or even to establish further national gateways.

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