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  • Globeman21 in varying forms was part of the global RTD program Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) program from the very beginning.
  • Globeman21 was one of 6 IMS "test cases" in Mar93-Feb94, continued in "transition stage" in 1995-96 and became part of "full scale" IMS in Mar96-Mar99.
  • The EU proposal was submitted to EC in Jun97. Funding under Esprit4 grant 26509 covered period Dec97-Nov99 (funding in various regions was not fully synchronised)
  • Major events: 1Sydney 3/96, 2Toronto 3/97, 3Tokyo 9/97, 4Mt.Elize 2/98, 5London 9/98, 6Tokyo 3/99.
  • A number of partners continue collaboration in Globemen project Jan99-Jan02.
Key issues:
  • Product life-cycle; Remote support; Strategy /planning /design; Extended enterprise; Corporate technical memory
  • Enterprise modelling, transformation and management; Co-operative use of ICT; Decision making.
  • Human and organisational factors; Applications and models; Integrated product management; Configuration of products and manufacturing processes.
Vision & mission:
  • Globally integrated manufacturing across time and space.
  • Build the business processes of the future.
  • New paradigms, models and methods for the emerging global manufacturing environment;
  • Tests in several industrial pilots.
Technical approach:
  • WP1. Global manufacturing concept
  • WP2. Demonstrator
  • WP3. Product life-cycle pilots
  • WP4. Extended enterprise mgt pilots
  • WP5. Dissemination & exploitation
  • WP6. Project management
VTT focus areas:
Region Partners
  Australia : BHP, CSIRO, Farley Cutting Systems, Griffith Univ, Hawker de Haviland
  EU & EFTA :   DTU, Odense Steel Shipbuilding   Ahlstrom, Partek, VTT, YIT   FhG-IPA, LOT-Oriel   Intracom   Metis, Sintef   Corning Cables
  Canada : Toronto University
  Japan : Daikin, Electrotechnical Laboratory, Hosei University, IBM, Institute of Industrial Science, JSPMI, Mazda, MES, Nagoya University, Omron, Ricoh, Takenaka, Tokyo Univ, Toyo Engineering, Toyoda Machine Works, Toyota, Yokogawa
  USA : Newport News Shipbuilding, Virginia University